Midnight Strings 2022: Street Symphony presents its first Midnight String 12-week workshop led by teaching artist, Philip Graulty. This program will involve weekly gatherings with a committed group of program residents, staff, and teaching artists and musicians from Street Symphony. During the residency, a Street Symphony teaching artist will lead participants in group guitar lessons for the cohort of participants. The workshop will explore different genres and styles of guitar playing, and will feature local guest guitars. The residency will conclude with a concert performed by The Midnight Mission participants and Street Symphony musicians and will include a co-created artistic project created by the teaching artist and participants.
Street Symphony's 6th Annual Messiah Project 2021: Lift your voice for what you love. Lift your voice for what brings you life. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Street Symphony! Over the last decade, our dedicated family of artists and supporters have brought over 1,000 events to shelters, recovery centers, clinics, and jails throughout Los Angeles, reaching people affected by homelessness, incarceration, addiction, and poverty. Over the last 10 years, Street Symphony has become a national model for how music can connect communities across vast divides. We have learned how to stand in the gap of all that is broken in our world. We have learned how to become human bridges through the offering of music and love.
Block Party 2019: Street Symphony presents its first annual Block party, an open air music festival in the heart of Skid Row showcasing local professional and community ensembles from Los Angeles. Presented in collaboration with The Midnight Mission, Street Symphony block party offers an afternoon of celebration through music, and also provides a meal service for over 1100 Skid Row residents.
Music For Change 2019: Launched in Spring of 2019, Music For Change is Street Symphony’s weekly musical process group convened with individuals currently in Re-Entry from incarceration, hosted at the Weingart Center. Through the convening powers of musical presentation, Music For Change cultivates deep community building among program participants, Weingart staff, and Street Symphony musicians.
Messiah 2019: Street Symphony presents its 5th annual Messiah Project at the Midnight Mission, with performed music and stories from the Skid Row community of downtown Los Angeles.The 5th annual Messiah Project dives deep into the relationships built through Street Symphony programming in Skid Row, including two Street Symphony community vocal fellows, and stories from individuals currently in re-entry from incarceration.
Messiah 2018: Street Symphony presents the 4th annual Messiah project at The Midnight Mission, with performed music and stories from the Skid Row community of downtown Los Angeles. The 2018 Messiah Project showcases the work and progress of its Daniel Chaney community fellows, and also showcases two new works by emerging composer Bethany Brown, and community composer-in-residence Benjamin Shirley.
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Block Party, 2019
Messiah Project, 2016
Vijay Gupta and Nathaniel Ayers, Downtown Mental Health Center, 2011
Messiah Project, 2019
Messiah Project, 2015
Jamaican Independence Day, 2018
Messiah Project, 2019
Messiah Project, 2017
Messiah Project, 2018
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