ReSound Festival

The Re/Sound Festival is Street Symphony’s celebration of the Skid Row community’s resilience, stories, and artistry – the resonance of joy: in Skid Row, art and music is not entertainment – it is a lifeline, of hope and dignity, a re-sounding joyful celebration. This event marks the launch of our inaugural annual music festival, uniting Angelenos from all walks of life to revel in the enchantment of music and community. Beyond being a free public musical event, the Re/Sound Festival presents a profound opportunity to forge enduring connections and bridge communities through the universal language of music.

Re/Sound Festival is the culmination of our commitment to monthly programs in Skid Row, featuring multi-genre performances from world-class Mariachi, Jazz, and West-African drumming groups, and a modern adaptation of George Frideric Handel’s oratorio “Messiah” showcasing stories, new musical works, and performances by members of the Skid Row community alongside internationally acclaimed musicians from the LA Philharmonic and LA Master Chorale, as well as student musicians from the Colburn School and University of Southern California.

All Street Symphony programs are free and open to the public. From organizations providing resources for mental and physical health, community partners hosting a range of activities which serve the Skid Row community, arts organizations and vendors sharing their works, food trucks serving hot meals, the festival welcomes all for a full day of celebration.