SUNDAY | OCTOBER 1, 2023 |  3:00 PM 
@ The Rosenthal Theatre of Inner City Arts

Darshan Trio (Dominic Cheli, piano; Vijay Gupta, violin; Yoshika Masuda, cello) will interweave stories and performances from artists in Los Angeles Poverty Department – members the Skid Row community – performing a series of monologs centered around themes of resilience. Darshan means “view, sight, vision: a beholding of a sacred object, as well as the sacred within. Another way of seeing, and being seen.”

Street Symphony is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization, registered 501(c)(3) organization, that utilizes music to create opportunities of human connection to homeless and incarcerated communities through workshops, events, and one-on-one musical instruction. These musical programs are held at Skid Row clinics, homeless shelters, permanent supportive housing agencies, and LA County jails. 


Centered in practices of relationship, renewal, re-entry, and recovery, Street Symphony presents musical programs in Skid Row built on sustained relationships and partnerships with Skid Row organizations and community individuals. Discover more about Street Symphony programs and events. 

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