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Announcing Our New Executive Director

Mar 1, 2024

It is a great privilege to have this opportunity to be Street Symphony’s first Executive Director. I recall my first memory in my journey with Street Symphony, sitting amongst the crowd at The Midnight Mission for the Messiah Project. The moment I walked into the gymnasium, I was pulled aside for an interview. I had little to say – I was barely learning about the organization and  had no idea what to expect. During the event, I remember leaning in, letting go, feeling a rush of positive energy, and what felt like a welcoming embrace. At that moment, I didn’t realize I needed it. I felt vulnerable and wonderful at the same time. It was a surprising gift and all I had done was simply show up.

I originally started with the intention to simply learn about the nonprofit world and assist as needed. As I began to understand the work of this organization, I knew I had so much more to give and the inspiration to want more. I found myself falling deeper in thought, asking more questions, and wanting to be more involved. I discovered more about myself, our community, the value of belonging, and the need for human kindness. I’ve crossed paths with so many heartwarming people and am grateful for the opportunity to connect with Skid Row community members, community partners and musicians. To this day, every program I attend is a unique experience and an opportunity to connect and deepen relationships with new and old friends. If I were to be interviewed today, I wouldn’t be able to stop talking about all my experiences and the passion for what we do.

We are well into the year with amazing programs and events to look forward to! I hope to cross paths with you again or for the first time in my new role as we continue to strengthen the foundation that’s been built over the last decade. Please join us for this upcoming Crossroads Concert on Saturday, March 23rd. If we haven’t already met or haven’t had a chance to get to know each other yet, please come by. I’d love to personally meet you, re-introduce myself and get to know you better.

I also welcome you to contact me for a meet and greet, coffee or a call to learn more about my continuous commitment to the future of Street Symphony.

Vijay Gupta, who remains our Artistic Director, the board of directors, the Street Symphony team and I look forward to an amazing year of music, celebration, connection and community!

With gratitude,

Vivo, Executive Director

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