“Music for Change” at the Weingart Center - Street Symphony Project Inc

Music for change

Music For Change is a weekly process group with Weingart Association Reentry Program Supervisors and Street Symphony music facilitators, for clients currently on parole from long term or life sentences from California prisons. Street Symphony Staff share meditative musical offerings to convene vulnerable spaces of community and conversation with a regular cohort of clients. Weingart supervisors facilitate conversations regarding reentry and recovery. Quarterly performance events showcase the collaborations between Street Symphony staff and Weingart Center participants. 


During Covid, MFC has continued in person on a weekly basis, with approval from Weingart supervisors. When unsafe, Street Symphony staff continue to connect with clients through virtual programming. Clients receive tech support from Street Symphony staff to ensure accessibility to virtual programming.

Music for Change
Dec. 26, 2019

Street Symphony’s Music for Change program takes place at Skid Row’s Weingart Center, a prominent provider of reentry services for people emerging from incarceration in Los Angeles County. A place of healing, connection, and belonging, Music for Change participants and Street Symphony musicians alike find ways for music to open new understandings,. deepen relationships, and build community.

Video created by Valerie Bischoff. Music for Change is supported by the California Arts Council “Reentry Through the Arts” granting program.

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